I Need It

Yes…a rare Sunday post. I’m sitting at work taking a breather from inventory. I worked yesterday, too. There will be more OT this coming week. Let’s say that my next paycheck will have enough in it to pay for the Broadway season tickets I talked about a few posts ago, and also enough for me to get a massage after work today…a 90-minute one. I so need it with all the climbing under desks and moving monitors. I just called and set it up this afternoon.

Massage Hotties

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  1. Mmmmm…a massage….and a 90-minute one! You lucky duck! Enjoy it. I’ve never had one.

  2. i think that if everybody got a massage at least once a month we would be so much the better for it.

  3. I know what you mean about all that overtime…it sucks but it pays off when you get to get something you want.

  4. That’s 3 minutes of massage … and 87 minutes of happy ending, right?

  5. Ooooh, a massage. Any happy ending? Enjoy.

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