I Yam What I Yam

I hate lettuce. I really do. It tastes like grass. I can barely stomach it slathered in salad dressing I like. I can’t tell you how many subs or sandwiches I’ve had served with lettuce on them because I didn’t specifically ask for “no lettuce” – and even the taste of a little bit can ruin my dining experience. Blecchhhh!

But now, there’s something that allows me to get more vitamins in me when I eat out…at least at Subway: spinach! Yep, they have spinach to put on your sub. Cool!

So bring on the leafy greens! (So how long before my arms get all freakishly bulgey?)


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  1. Lettuce tastes like grass to you, but spinach doesn’t?

    There are lots of different lettuces out there. Maybe you just need help finding one that you like.

  2. I love lettuce and am not a big fan of spinach. Glad you found your niche, though. 😉

  3. Amazing, a fast food restaurant has something that is truly healthy.

    And btw, to get freakishly big arms, I think you need to eat 1,455 tons of spinach. So get chompin’! 😉

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