You Had To Be There

This exchange happened between me and my hubby while eating dinner Thursday night.

Me: I bet B. is going to be very busy tomorrow with the iPhone being released [NOTE: B. works at an Apple Store].

Hubby: I spoke to him today and he said he is getting off work at X:XX and doesn’t expect to have to wait to get one because he’s an employee.

Me: You mean he’s actually buying one of those things?!?!?

Hubby: Yeah…he drank the Kool-Aid.

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  1. I easily can be accused of being a Mac head … and I have almost no desire to buy one of those. High cool factor, yes. I could almost even gulp down the price. But given that the #1 complaint I’ve read (and have heard from existing Cingular subscribers) is poor voice quality — and it’s primarily a PHONE — I think I’ll stick with my “yes, I can hear you now” Verizon service.

  2. LOL I saw your comment on and laughed out loud, literally. It fits.

    There’s so much kool-aid around these days, isn’t there? Does Kool-Aid still exist? I haven’t had any in so long.

  3. i do hope that these things are not some sort of 21st century version of pod people. I want to see the consequences of at least 6 months of other people using them prior to even considering such a device
    meanwhile, I still vote for dixie cups with string.

  4. LOL! I’ll gladly stick with my utilitarian Motorola from SunCom…it serves me perfectly well. Besides, I buck the trends and don’t even own an iPod (I own a Creative Jen Jukebox Xtra).

    Have a great weekend. 🙂


  6. I might drink the Kool-Aid when they are giving them away as part of my package…what…3 years from now? I am a Verizon junkie anyway. It is not worth the money anyway!!! IMHO

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