It’s Too Darn Hot

One of our AC systems was hit by lightning and the unit that services my office is not working. It’s not pretty! I am not in a happy mood today.

But for some happier fair, I have a movie review:



Chalk up another hit for Disney/Pixar! What a great film. Even if we didn’t see it in DLP (it went to Sold Out right before our eyes as we waited in line).

I know it won’t be as popular as a Monsters Inc or a Finding Nemo, and I think that’s because younger kids may not find it totally engrossing as the previously mentioned films. I’m not talking bad about it in any way…not at all. It’s just that the storyline is more for adults. There’s no slapstick or ultra cute characters…actually, there are two characters who are a bit frightening looking: Skinner and Anton Ego, who are the film’s protagonists. But an adult can sit back, enjoy the sumptuous animation (the nighttime view of Paris is so beautiful – and I don’t mean that worthless whore Ms. Hilton), but also get involved in a great story. I don’t believe kids will get bored, but when it’s on DVD and they have a choice of other Pixar films, they will probably go for something else. I loved near the end when they have Anton Ego reading his restaurant review over a montage of scenes, and it’s just amazing. And it helps to have the incredible Peter O’Toole as his voice.

Just go see it. If you don’t want kids around, go see a late showing. If you want anymore coaxing, go see the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes (95% positive reviews! – Of course, one of the bad ones would be a reviewer from that crap bag that calls itself a paper, The Orlando Weekly, and another from the Orlando Slantinel).


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your AC. I agree 110% with your review of Ratatouille. Did you love the short “Lifted”? I thought it was a ‘hoot’.

  2. Yeah, Ratatouille was quite breathtaking visually, and the story (with a few exceptions) was really well crafted. I kept swearing to my friends that the critic was voiced by Sir Ian McKellen, but Peter O’Toole wasn’t too far off the mark.

    I’m sorry you don’t like the Weekly, but its really not too bad for the obligatory free, urban indie paper. I don’t really pay attention to their movie reviews and completely invert the reviews in the Sentinel. Its quite amazing just how consistently opposite they are from my opinions!

    Stay cool.

  3. i concur; it was the usual ‘formula’ but Disney does it so well.
    Fun movie.

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