Rednecks and Rumors

How was your 4th? We went and saw an early movie (only $5 at AMC on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays before Noon). We saw Knocked Up which was enjoyable (not enjoyable enough to review). I would necessarily watch it again or buy the DVD. We headed home as the rain started and spent time at home relaxing. We then went to a friend’s for her 4th of July block party. She had lots of food and this group of redneck neighbors who were there, spent over 2 hours shooting off fireworks in the street. I was glad we had had a ton of rain (it ended just after we got there) so less chance of them setting a nearby house on fire.

By the end of the evening they were holding bottle rockets in their hands to fire them off.

Yee Haw!!!

Could fireworks be God’s form of natural selection for the redneck community?


I just heard that the Full Moon bar in Orlando closed! My source says he hasn’t heard of a reason, yet. Interesting. Stay tuned for some dirt – I’ll post it when I find it.

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  1. We had a rather lazy 4th, then a cookout at friends later in the evening. Hope you had a good holiday, too.

  2. Bob is an ass. Is there a better reason for a bar to close?

  3. My 4th was a rager!! My post says it all. I had a blast.

  4. Something tells me we’ll never hear a “real” reason the bar closed — though MiKell certainly does hit the nail on the head as to why it happened as it did. One would think that someone with a mind for business would have run a “farewell week,” ending with a big blowout party and maybe even an auction of memorabilia … instead of lying to employees (“we’re just closing for a day to fix the a/c”) and then hiring temp labor to clear out the place.

  5. Yikes….fireworks (the home variety) scare me. I love the professional fireworks, just have seen/heard about too many accidents to mention.

    The sad thing is, Rednecks seem to be immune to the damage fireworks inflict.

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