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Some Info

It seems the Full Moon Saloon was closed because the owner suddenly decided to retire from the business. What a kick in the teeth that is. He could have at least given a months notice (even just a few weeks) so a closing party could have been thrown. That’s just a shitty thing to do to your clientele. Below is the link of the article where I learned about it:

Bay Area Reporter Article


Yes, I did it. I finally ordered my PS3. I worked a huge amount of OT these past two weeks so I’m treating myself to something nice. WooHoo! And besides that good news, Season 3 of Doctor Who starts tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel! (Thanks to Cyberspatialniche who keeps me updated on these things – Big kiss to you, stud!) Now I have to run. Spent all day doing inventory but got it finished so I don’t need to come in this weekend and do it.

Everyone play safe this weekend!

P.S. – Thank god, they fixed the A/C in my office today!