Bar Closes – Search Hits Increase – Bears Nervous

Take a look at my recent search terms:

Search Terms

I didn’t realize how many leather-loving, Levi-wearing, gay men search the Internet for info on the closing of this local “watering hole”.

I spoke with a friend who frequented the Full Moon Saloon a lot, and he told me about the things he’s heard/knows about:

1) The bear community is in a tizzy because the Moon was where the Bear Bust events were always held, and no other bar venue can accommodate the event crowd, so they will have to try for resort or hotel convention space.

2) The rumor why the place was closed was because the owner was getting pressure from the Parliament House who wanted to buy the land and put a restaurant there for their time share building. Notice I didn’t use the plural in that: they have built only 1 building of rooms. Me thinks they mustn’t be selling very well, so why buy up more land? Just build on the rest of the empty land they already have that’s sitting there empty. And of those people who bought into this gay timeshare deal, how many bought BECAUSE it was so close to the Moon? I’m waiting to hear other reasons from other folks.

3) The DJ from the Moon may start doing his stuff at Hank’s…which is hysterically funny. Guys go there to either drink, play pool, or hook up for anonymous sex…or all three. No one goes to Skank’s Hank’s to dance.

4) Someone’s been looking at the old lesbian bar Faces right next door to Hank’s as a new bar to take the Moon’s place, but there would be a lot of money involved to fix the code violations there, as well as obtaining a liquor license for the place.

5) The places where the old Moon crowd have been using as a substitute now are: the back bar at the Parliament House, Hank’s, Wylde’s [SP?], and College Connection. Will one of these places win out? Will one of the owner’s try and attract this crowd without a home to their place of business? Stay tuned. Same Bar Time, same Bar Channel!


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  1. How long was that bar there? It could be that I never went there when I lived in Whorelando, but I’ve never heard of it. And, I also love checking the Google search terms that bring people to my blog. I also posted them a week, or so ago. Hope you guys are doing well.

  2. Christie McNichol….oh brother. Where’s the connection? LMAO!

  3. Steve: The Moon opened about 17 or 18 years ago as a spin off of/part of the PH. When former owner of the PH, Michael, died, he “willed” the Moon to Bob.

    It is/was sometimes known as the “500” club, because of it’s address.

    The building it is house in is a “landmark” in Orlando, as it was the first Mayor of Orlando’s home. They cannot tear it down, as such.

  4. All sorts of intrigue surrounding the saloon and the timeshare. Funny how these things can never be simple.

  5. Aren’t those search engine terms a “hoot”? I love reading mine, too.

  6. Posted by Polarbear on July 16, 2007 at 10:25 AM

    Hmmm… we “invested” in the Time Share. love the location, love the easy lays, but the Full Moon definitely was a big draw. The PH folk don’t communicate about progress on the site… last communication suggested there were financing problems. RUMORS take over in the absence of information and I suspect they’ll pay a price for that. Well, we knew it was a risk going in… if it folds, or doesn’t develop, we’ll probably take our “points” and go to Puerto Vallarta… I like Mexican boys, anyway!

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