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Have you ever watched something that is so bad you laugh unintentionally. Of course you have. I’ve often said I can’t watch porn because the dialog is so bad that I can’t get horned up from laughing. Well, this program is along the same vein (just not in the league of porn). It’s called “Shaq’s Big challenge”, where the basketball star is trying to help a group of morbidly obese children get healthy. But every time they would put the camera on Shaq, and he’d spout some stupid platitude to the kids, and I’d see that lazy eye of his — there goes any seriousness. All I can envision is Aries Spears of MadTV doing his Shaq impression, lazy eye and all, saying: “…And Koby, don’t be rapin’!”

I understand he’s trying to do something good, but he looks like he’s had his head used for foul throw practice for way too long.


Is it written, “chin-strap dildo” or “chin strap dildo”?


Movie Review – Sicko

What a fascinating movie! The stories from the people involved were just incredible. Sometimes my jaw dropped when people told their story of being denied coverage by their health care organization. And it all just shows you that the HMO’s are in control of you, not the doctors. And sadly, it’s all based on corporate greed. I really don’t want to go into details about the movie because I can’t do it justice. Just go out and see it. But I’m sure you will come out of it wondering how we can work to improve the US’s faulty health care system.