What About The Price?

Today’s subject is The Price Is Right. I DVR’d the final Bob Barker episode and watched it a few days after it aired.

When did this show start gearing itself towards college kids? The last time I watched it (how many years ago?) it was housewives who came running and screaming down the aisle to Contestant’s Row. Now there’s all these two-beer queer boys and leaning-towards-overweight girls who are jumping all over the place with excitement. The paradigm shifted while I wasn’t looking. Sigh…


It’s Friday. I hope to go see Hairspray this weekend. Hope you all have a good weekend, too.


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  1. Those paradigms are all over the places lately. I stopped watching them.

  2. My friend Rich Fields is the announcer (“COME ON DOWN!”) for TPIR, or ‘Price’ as he calls it. I haven’t watched it in years, but it was mostly the housewife crowd that I remember.

  3. But those two beer queer boys sure are cute!

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