Barebacking On The Rise

Buff is a sexy, hairy, bear of a guy. He writes a great blog I read regularly.

He doesn’t write about his day-to-day life…instead, he writes about subjects that affect the gay community. His most recent post is a meaty, but worrying article on the rise in bareback sex. Go and read it then pop back here.

It’s just really scary the people I’ve met (or read their blogs) who enjoy anonymous bareback sex. The only barebacking I have ever done was with a previous partner and we were together for 10 years in a non-open relationship and both of us were tested for HIV. But now, even if I were to be asked by my partner to do it without a condom, I’d say “no”. It’s with one or not at all. It’s all just too risky.

There’s a guy who does a podcast where he talks about his life, and he always talks about the guys he does it with…and he barebacks, and is proud to admit it. If you listen to Episode 116 he talks about having several guys “dump their load” in his ass in the men’s room of an Orlando gay bar. I will admit that a piggy sex scene like that is quite titillating to me but I’d never participate, nor condone it. He must get emails often from others condoning his actions because he often talks about how people shouldn’t preach about what he does because, as he puts it, “simply driving your car can kill you.”

And going back to the article Buff posted, what are your views on bareback videos? Do you think it is condoning this type of sex, or it’s simply a fantasy scenario? I feel it’s both: some men enjoy watching it but would never participate, but others feel that the risk of catching HIV is not a big enough threat to stop them from having condom-less anal sex. But with even one guy following the latter course then the gay community needs to keep working to spread the word about how stupid this type of recreational sex is.

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  1. Buff is ALWAYS a good read and is VERY EASY on the eyes! That post needs to be required reading for every gay man everywhere!

  2. I don’t think it barebacking in porn condones barebacking. I think it is fantasy space.

    While it could be said to be irresponsible, I think we cannot as gay men blame the porn industry for our choice to have bareback sex or not.

    Surely we are still accountable for ourselves in the choices we make? We need to take our own resposibilty for what kind of sex we have. We cannot lay blame at the feet of the porn industry.

    Just my thoughts. Perhaps I should put a flame suite on 😉

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