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Bar Closes – Search Hits Increase – Bears Nervous

Take a look at my recent search terms:

Search Terms

I didn’t realize how many leather-loving, Levi-wearing, gay men search the Internet for info on the closing of this local “watering hole”.

I spoke with a friend who frequented the Full Moon Saloon a lot, and he told me about the things he’s heard/knows about:

1) The bear community is in a tizzy because the Moon was where the Bear Bust events were always held, and no other bar venue can accommodate the event crowd, so they will have to try for resort or hotel convention space.

2) The rumor why the place was closed was because the owner was getting pressure from the Parliament House who wanted to buy the land and put a restaurant there for their time share building. Notice I didn’t use the plural in that: they have built only 1 building of rooms. Me thinks they mustn’t be selling very well, so why buy up more land? Just build on the rest of the empty land they already have that’s sitting there empty. And of those people who bought into this gay timeshare deal, how many bought BECAUSE it was so close to the Moon? I’m waiting to hear other reasons from other folks.

3) The DJ from the Moon may start doing his stuff at Hank’s…which is hysterically funny. Guys go there to either drink, play pool, or hook up for anonymous sex…or all three. No one goes to Skank’s Hank’s to dance.

4) Someone’s been looking at the old lesbian bar Faces right next door to Hank’s as a new bar to take the Moon’s place, but there would be a lot of money involved to fix the code violations there, as well as obtaining a liquor license for the place.

5) The places where the old Moon crowd have been using as a substitute now are: the back bar at the Parliament House, Hank’s, Wylde’s [SP?], and College Connection. Will one of these places win out? Will one of the owner’s try and attract this crowd without a home to their place of business? Stay tuned. Same Bar Time, same Bar Channel!

But He’s Such A Nice Dog…

Yet another pit bull mauling. The quote by the owner is simply priceless:

Woman Dies After Pit Bull Attacks Face

POSTED: 10:07 am EDT June 29, 2007
UPDATED: 1:16 pm EDT June 29, 2007

DELTONA, Fla. — A 63-year-old woman visiting a family member in Deltona, Fla., was killed Friday when a pet pit bull attacked her face and nearly ripped her scalp off, according to officials.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 dog attack call Friday morning from a home located at 1608 Roble Lane.

When officers arrived, they found Mary Bernal being mauled by the pit bull.

The deputies shocked the dog and Bernal was transported to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, where she later died.

The victim’s sister and owner of the dog, Estela Macias, 52, was also injured in the attack. She was transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford for medial treatment.

Dog owner Eliasar Macies said he did not think his pet dog was capable of killing anyone.

“This is new to me,” Macies said. “(The dog) had never done this before. Never, never.”

Before the attack, Bernal was attempting to pick up another dog in Macias’ back yard, deputies said.

The pit bull was taken by Volusia County Animal Services and Code Enforcement.


It ain’t Florida if there aren’t a handful of pit bull maulings each year in the news. I think they need to tattoo the phrase “This is new to me” on the bastard’s forehead.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We got some yard work done Saturday, along with hitting Lowe’s and some other stores for home needs. We tried out giving the kids a little more Freedom in the house when we went out. Instead of just having the kitchen area, we left the babygate to the family room open…of course, we picked up any small objects we thought Sydney might get a hold of to chew on. We got back and found nothing destroyed, so now they have more room. We will next try giving them run of the house, but with all the bedroom doors closed.

Hubby left for New York on Sunday for a business class (benchmarking his job against another company that teaches the same type of classes). He saw the final night of Tarzan on Broadway. And his hotel room overlooks the giant billboard for Wicked. I wish I could have gone with him but I’ve already missed enough classes this semester.

On Sunday, once he left for the airport, I went to work in the pond. I re-potted the Iris and the dwarf papyrus plants. They both were spilling out of their pots. I cut off healthy sections of them, planted those small pieces in new aquatic soil, and sunk the pots back in the water. I’ll get pictures of them and post. Oh, and the new lily I planted finally bloomed this delicate pink flower. And if you want more nature news from me, I finally saw my first humming bird in the neighborhood. I was beginning to think they were none in Lake County at all.

Some more good news is Spider is doing very well after his surgery. Yea, Spider!!! Get well soon!

Quick movie review: A Prairie Home Companion

This film was a big disappointment. Maybe I should chalk it up to the late Robert Altman who directed it. There really wasn’t much of a storyline, more like the goings-on on the final show of APHC (fictitiously). What was really strange was how three of Garrison’s Keillor’s characters he features in his real show are played by actors in the movie. I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be a fantasy, a reality, or a mixture. There’s Meryl Streep as a singer who had a fling with “GK” and wasn’t over it, Lindsy Lohan as Meryl’s daughter who writes poetry about committing suicide, a dead listener who is walking around the show and is the Angel of Death now. And in the final shot she shows up in the diner and walks toward the table where everyone sees her as she comes to claim someone – is she there for Guy Noir, Meryl, Lily Tomlin, Garrison? It was just confusing and a waste of some A-list talent. Catch it on cable and don’t waste your money. If you are a fan of APHC I would recommend you to see it, just to see the faces of the musicians and actors you hear every week on the show.

Some Info

It seems the Full Moon Saloon was closed because the owner suddenly decided to retire from the business. What a kick in the teeth that is. He could have at least given a months notice (even just a few weeks) so a closing party could have been thrown. That’s just a shitty thing to do to your clientele. Below is the link of the article where I learned about it:

Bay Area Reporter Article


Yes, I did it. I finally ordered my PS3. I worked a huge amount of OT these past two weeks so I’m treating myself to something nice. WooHoo! And besides that good news, Season 3 of Doctor Who starts tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel! (Thanks to Cyberspatialniche who keeps me updated on these things – Big kiss to you, stud!) Now I have to run. Spent all day doing inventory but got it finished so I don’t need to come in this weekend and do it.

Everyone play safe this weekend!

P.S. – Thank god, they fixed the A/C in my office today!

Rednecks and Rumors

How was your 4th? We went and saw an early movie (only $5 at AMC on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays before Noon). We saw Knocked Up which was enjoyable (not enjoyable enough to review). I would necessarily watch it again or buy the DVD. We headed home as the rain started and spent time at home relaxing. We then went to a friend’s for her 4th of July block party. She had lots of food and this group of redneck neighbors who were there, spent over 2 hours shooting off fireworks in the street. I was glad we had had a ton of rain (it ended just after we got there) so less chance of them setting a nearby house on fire.

By the end of the evening they were holding bottle rockets in their hands to fire them off.

Yee Haw!!!

Could fireworks be God’s form of natural selection for the redneck community?


I just heard that the Full Moon bar in Orlando closed! My source says he hasn’t heard of a reason, yet. Interesting. Stay tuned for some dirt – I’ll post it when I find it.

Verbal Bitchslaps All Around!

We saw the funniest movie the other night when we got together with our “girls” (the ones we met on the cruise) last week. K. brought out a movie called Girls Will Be Girls. I had seen the DVD in the TLA catalog and thought the cover was Elaine Stritch on some really good drugs.

K. pops in the DVD, and right off the bat the three stars and another male lead are on the DVD menu tossing bitchy remarks to each other telling you to select this option or that option (they asked you to choose the option they were standing over). The three leads are all drag queens: Evie, Coco Peru (“It buuuuuuurns!”), and Farla. Actually, there are no female actresses in this movie. Any females seen are men in drag.

Three Girls

It’s a trashy little tale about ambition and fading fame; think Valley of the Dolls meets All About Eve…done by drag queens. And we laughed our asses off! Here’s a taste of some of the one-liners:

Coco: Evie, have you ever had an abortion?

Evie: Coco, I’ve had more children pulled out of me than a burning orphanage.


Coco: Evie, what do think about having a dog in the house?

Evie: I’m sorry. Was I staring again?

And the witty repartee flies through the whole film. No [real] nudity but the male lead has a chest to die for. I put this film in league with Sordid Lives: You watch it when you need a trashy laugh or want to entertain a group of queens at a party. Needless to say, I just won a copy of it on eBay to add to our collection.

So if you want a belly laugh, give this unknown gem a view.

It’s Too Darn Hot

One of our AC systems was hit by lightning and the unit that services my office is not working. It’s not pretty! I am not in a happy mood today.

But for some happier fair, I have a movie review:



Chalk up another hit for Disney/Pixar! What a great film. Even if we didn’t see it in DLP (it went to Sold Out right before our eyes as we waited in line).

I know it won’t be as popular as a Monsters Inc or a Finding Nemo, and I think that’s because younger kids may not find it totally engrossing as the previously mentioned films. I’m not talking bad about it in any way…not at all. It’s just that the storyline is more for adults. There’s no slapstick or ultra cute characters…actually, there are two characters who are a bit frightening looking: Skinner and Anton Ego, who are the film’s protagonists. But an adult can sit back, enjoy the sumptuous animation (the nighttime view of Paris is so beautiful – and I don’t mean that worthless whore Ms. Hilton), but also get involved in a great story. I don’t believe kids will get bored, but when it’s on DVD and they have a choice of other Pixar films, they will probably go for something else. I loved near the end when they have Anton Ego reading his restaurant review over a montage of scenes, and it’s just amazing. And it helps to have the incredible Peter O’Toole as his voice.

Just go see it. If you don’t want kids around, go see a late showing. If you want anymore coaxing, go see the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes (95% positive reviews! – Of course, one of the bad ones would be a reviewer from that crap bag that calls itself a paper, The Orlando Weekly, and another from the Orlando Slantinel).