Another One Bites The Dust

What is going on in this town?

First, the Full Moon Saloon closes. One second it’s there, and then in the blink of an eye the owner decides to get rid of it and close it. The worst part is the owner has not said anything to anyone on why he decided to close it up. I can take what ever explanation you have….just give us one.

And now another gay bar closes: Southern Nights has shut it’s doors to th Orlando area gay crowd. And from the very little I could find out the employees got the same treatment from the owner. They were told only a day or two before that the place was closing. I’ll post more information as I can find it.

You know this makes the 3rd gay bar to close in the past year (that would be Lava). If I only had the money I’d open my own bar, and I’d do it out here on the West side of Orlando near Disney.

Now take this bit of info from The Watermark:

After less than a year of operating as College Connections, the bar has changed names and owners yet again. Now known as Beer Bar, the location 4453 Edgewater Drive in College Park is still catering to the GLBT community. Check out our next issue for a more in-depth look into the changeover.

@007 is shaping up to be the year you don’t want to be in the GLBT bar business.


And you’ve all heard about the new amendment that some groups are trying to get enacted here in Florida? It’s another anti-gay, marriage protection act. But the worse part is that it also includes such things as making it illegal for companies to offer domestic partner benefits. This is the really scary shit, that there are homophobic assholes out there who are still trying to force their narrow minded views on the public. Of course, I feel confident this amendment won’t pass – there are too many companies who offer these benefits who will fight against it, as well as voters who have no fear of gay people. But I wanted to bring this up so all my Florida readers would be aware of it and to help us all protest against it.


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  1. I heard the Southern rumor on Monday but hadn’t been able to confirm yet. I really feel terrible for bartender Matt and DJ Wally from the Moon — this past Monday would have been only the second “Southern Side of the Moon” night at Southern, where they had moved after the Full Moon’s closing!
    I’d almost count Studz becoming “Paradise” as a closing.

  2. take heart;
    we had one of those scares last year in Arizona. and Arizona – quite the red state – voted it down. Not even the straights wanted to eliminated domestic partner benefits.

  3. Why anyone would go to a straight-owned “gay” bar is besides me, but, rumor has it that there were “tax” issues, and that’s why they closed.

    I would disagree with Eric, above, but I have a personal investment (not a monetary one!!).

  4. I’m very bummed because that’s where my bf and I met almost 15 years ago, and we didn’t get a chance to go there last time we were in Orlando.

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