Burn, Baby, Burn Part III

Let’s revisit a wonderfully sordid tale I brought up a few weeks ago.

Bob Allen. You remember him…this overweight, Florida representative was arrested for offering an undercover cop money to GIVE blow in a public park in Titusville. That just screams “desperation” or “closeted gay man who tried to pass a bill against public indecency shows his hypocrisy”.

Well, he’s now been recorded giving one of the worst excuses ever. Let’s add bigotry to this story! Watch John Stuart on the Daily Show give one of the most hysterical news stories I’ve ever heard about this. The story is appropriately called ‘Drop and Give Me $20’.

Then go grab some marsh-mellows, graham crackers, and Hershy’s chocolate bars. The heat from this racial, homophobic putz going down in flames is gonna make a lot of ‘Smores for everyone.


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  1. i don’t find this suprising; more surprised how many people will choose to believe this.

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