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I’ve been clearing off the movies and TV shows that have been accumulating on the DVR. Here’s the “blip-vert” versions of my thoughts about them.

Skeleton Key – A nice, spooky movie with some decent stars…which ends up a steaming pile of crap because of the stupid ending. Why do directors of horror films think we enjoy movies where the hero/heroin fails at defeating the villain? I wasted my viewing time for this ending? At least I didn’t pay to see it.

Evil Dead 2 – A hysterical horror romp. I think I enjoyed it more than Army of Darkness, its sequel. Totally creative with cheesy effects but a few that really wowed me. And Bruce Campbell’s possessed hand scene is a total trip!

The Soup (E! Television) – I’ve starting setting the DVR to record this show. You not only get to see the trashiest/strangest/saddest clips from talk shows, news programs, etc…you get some really great sarcastic comments and skits from the host and crew. Mark and I laugh out loud every time we watch an episode.

Eureka (Sci-Fi) – My neighbor showed me this program last week as she records it. An interesting show. It’s sort of a cross between Desperate Housewives and the X-Files, though it it more int he comedy vein than drama. If I don’t max out my viewing time when the new shows start (Weeds is back this month!) then I may keep watching.

Doctor Who (Sci-Fi) – What can I say? This is still my guilty pleasure on television. The 2 part Dalek episode was pretty good. But when does the Master resurface?

1 Vs. 100 – I saw one episode and will never watch again. This blond female contestant had the following question asked of her: “If you have 99 bottles of beer on the wall, how many 6-packs do you have?” and the answer choices were less than 15, exactly 15, and more than 15. And this stupid twat says, “I don’t drink beer so I don’t know.” What the ever-loving-fuck!?!?!?! It’s grade school math! 6 times 15 equals what!?!?!? 90!!!!! I was about to turn it off when she gets to ask someone in “the mob” what answer they would pick and she picks a Playboy Playmate who says, “I only drink wine.” WTF times 2!?!?!?


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  1. I really need to upgrade my Digital Cable Box to a DVR one.

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