And So It Ends…

Today I just don’t want to be at work. We crashed a server. A co-worker thought there was a problem with the NIC because of some data he was seeing so I told him he may need to update the drivers. After he did the darn thing just didn’t want to run for awhile. And this project to add biometric readers to all the PC’s is causing me to lose my hair with all the problems that have arisen over it. I am so glad it’s Friday.

But as for today’s topic, I listened to the final installment in the current chapter to ShadowFalls : Badlands. I’ve talked about it before a few times. It’s a horror podcast dealing with the battle of good and evil and the characters involved in that struggle. You can download the entire series if you like. The first part is a radio play with slightly campy performances, but the second part is simply narrated by the author. I didn’t think I’d get used to the story-telling version but it quickly grew on me (not to say the installments came out faster and more frequent with one person involved). If you want a little creepiness, some chills, and the supernatural, give it a listen.


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