Burn, Baby, Burn Part IV

Our favorite closeted elected Florida official (Bob Allen, for those of you wondering) is in the news again! After being removed by the Speaker of the House as a Chairman of a committee he was on, this man decides to speak to the local news (Story Here).

In my last installment you remember that Mr. Allen said the reason he offered an undercover cop (unbeknown to him) $20 to give the cop head was because the agent was black, and there were other black men in the park. So he was going to give head, AND pay for it so he didn’t get beat up.

Well, here’s the sound bite Bob gave the local news concerning his accusation:

“I am not a racist, and that was simply a sensationalistic definition of someone who is trying to spin this into a bigger problem than it was,” Allen said.

Dude…that hole you are digging is getting deeper and deeper. Enjoy your career now while you have it. Soon the only thing you’ll be doing is being the laughing stock of the Florida legislature.

Also check out Scott Maxwell’s blurb about Bob Allen’s quote.

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  1. that all does sound silly and pathetic and the same time.
    is anyone down there believing this nonsense, or do they smell a rat?
    thank you for keeping me abreast of the news like you do.

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