Grown Men Playing With Pussies

Yes. The kitty litter is going to hit the fan. Siegfried and Roy are coming out of the closet! Read about it HERE.

[Insert sounds of crickets chirping here]

What? No one is surprised by this announcement? I’m totally shocked…But then I’m reminded of a joke I heard when I went to see Rita Rudner’s act in Las Vegas some years ago:

“I went and saw Siegfried and Roy perform the other night. They are such great magicians. For the first five minutes I actually thought they were straight.”


Work is keeping me hopping. Nothing else too exciting. I do have to say the first two episodes of Weeds have been fantastic and I can’t wait for Monday evening to roll around so we can see the next installment. What’s almost as good as there was an add for Dexter they showed after last Monday’s episode. Our favorite serial killer is back next month!

ShowTime, I love you!


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  1. Yawn! Sorry about the rude yawn, but I mean, at this point and time, is anyone shocked to hear that S&R are gay??

    Now, if you were going to say that they were clones of WWII Nazis bent on world domination, then my interest might be piqued. 😉

  2. Well, i’ve never really watched ’em. Is because in my country we don’t have full access to Television, news or anything that came from the US.

    Anyways, I think now I know that the magicians were gay. Well, they still are.


    See ya!

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