College Text Books -BOHICA!

What is with the price of college textbooks?

I know, I know…I picked up the pamphlet at the bookstore that broke it all down and how much goes here and here. But in this age of technology, why aren’t we moving to paperless textbooks? You download your book as a proprietary file format and use a viewer program. It could happen. You’d cut out the costs for printing and shipping and no chance of running out of a book at the bookstore.

But I must say that last semester (Summer 2007) I actually came out ahead monetarily. I track my school expenses each semesters. I add together my tuition and books, and subtract the amount I get back from tuition reimbursement from my employer (up to 7 credit hours and half the cost of books and lab fees). I actually came out ahead over $2! I think it was the buy back amount I got for my text book…it was unusually high, though I’m not complaining.

My astronomy teacher is Russian, I hope I can get through his accent. And my Server class is Prof. R. who I’ve had several other times and he’s a great teacher.

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  1. i have not been to college in 20 years, but i was wondering if textbooks were still being used; probably so – most are written by professors who want to make some money; so the students have to buy their books.

  2. As an instructor, let me say that I, too, am appalled at the cost of textbooks. Some of my architecture books cost upwards of $200. Unbelieveable!

  3. i’m sure it (paperless) will happen in time. oh in the spirit of you having a Russian prof, “i’m surrrrrrre it (paperrrrrrless) will happen in time.

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