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21 Bun Salute?

I was going to lunch the other day and noticed that the McDonald’s restaurant near my office has their flag at half mast.

Not an American flag. It’s a red flag with the Golden Arches on it.

I suddenly got very worried. Had Grimace been killed by a speeding semi-truck? Was the Hamburgler dead from getting shanked by his cell-mate, Bubba? Ronald attacked by a pit bull whose owner afterward was quoted as saying, “He’s never bitten anyone. I don’t know how this could have happened!”?

We Fired Jesus Last Friday

Yes, it’s true. At least, that’s what I referred to him as. This guy starting working for us less than two months ago and gets himself fired for several things. One was a racial comment he made to some of his co-workers, and others were his inability to teach by the rules. He wanted it done his way, not the way the company had it set up. Oh well.

But why did I call him the big J? Well, he had really long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and one day I ran into him in the hall and he had removed the ponytail. He looked like Jesus with all that long hair.

But he’s gone now and we may not be filling his position as that department already had plenty of people.


It had started to rain here. Bring it on! We need it badly. The hubby is out of town, again. I have class tonight so his sister is going to feed the kids and let them out.

Work just ordered me a BlackBerry Curve as my new phone. Because of changing rules and processes, I have to have a phone that can receive emails when I’m on call (basically every three weeks I get it). At least it looks pretty….and it has WiFi built in. That will be cool.

Without A Seat?

We went biking Saturday along the West Orange Trail. It was a cloudy day so the heat was bearable. But I can’t tell you what an evil temptation it is. Every biker going by in their spandex bike shorts made me want to just jump their bones. So even though I got about 10 miles of biking exercise in, I also got all hot and bothered.

And I know if I had just hung out at the WO Station I’d see some of those guys changing out of their biking stuff into other clothes. I may have found a new place for viewing eye candy.

Biking Guys

Would You Like to Super-Size That Savior?

Here’s a picture of a craft project I saw at the Michaels’ store. What I can’t figure out is: is that Jesus in the manger or an order of fries?



My PC is on it’s last legs…or motherboard…or whatever. It seemed to be running fine after some tinkering on Sunday, but later it began acting up again. I’m currently looking into purchasing a replacement. I spend so much time supporting PC’s at work, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really want to support my own anymore. There are some great PC deals to be had.

We planned the hubby’s birthday party for the 14th. We wanted it a week early but he got put on another trip out of town suddenly and we had to change. But there is rumor that he might be flying out to Paris soon for a program. When that happens all I have to do is pay for my plane ticket and I get to go along. Otherwise watching a few movies on cable it was a quiet weekend.

Rube In Japan

OK, setting this stuff up would drive me crazy! This clip is a series of short promos for a television program in Japan, so each contraption ends with a little flag with the show’s name on it.



We saw Annie last night…the first show in the Broadway series. It was cute. i’d never seen the musical before. I loved the actress as Ms. Hanagan…she was total drag queen material. And I was shocked with how little Sandy the dog is in the show. But watching the dog was a trip because we could see it watching the trainer off stage or wanting another treat from the actress playing Annie. We wondered how they can do a traveling production of the show with 7 minors in it, but what they do is recruit the kids from the towns they are playing in. Just the rest of the cast and crew travel.

I’m off today, waiting at the Honda dealership getting my oil changed.

Attended the memorial service for my friend T. who passed away earlier in the year. It was an evening of tears and laughter.

And tonight I’m attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight with my friends who are in town.

Everyone have a good weekend!

Our First Nominee Is…

This schmuck has a few beers and decidees to put a rattlesnake in his mouth. I say he almost won top prize for this year’s Darwin Award.


Two Birds With One Stone…

Saw this on Craig’s List:

Hey All,

Looking for a roommate if anyone knows anyone who is interested. Prefer a gay roommate. Hit me back for details, (furnished and all utilities included, including cable, electric and wireless internet.

If you are just bored and looking to get sucked off or an ass to fuck, let me know… d/d free – smoker


Not much you need after that ad…..


And The Problem Is…?

Men Fooled Into Topless All-Male Car Wash For Charity

Motorists in Shirley, N.Y., who were drawn to a topless car wash after seeing attractive women advertising the event found shirtless male firefighters instead of women cleaning the cars.

Groups of male drivers paid $5 for what they believed would be a female topless car wash event being held behind a giant blue tarp.

However, when the men went into the car wash, they found shirtless male firefighters washing cars.

Some of the customers said they felt like they were tricked and didn’t get what they paid for.

A fire official said the bait-and-switch was not false advertising but creative marketing.

“A little bit of a bait-and-switch,” Assistant Chief Donald Prince said. “All the guys back there are all topless.”

Money from the event will benefit school booster clubs and charities, according to the Brookhaven Fire Department.

I would have driven in there, got the wash, driven through a mud puddle, and taken it back….over, and over, and over, and over!!!!


Wonderful weather today. Finally, a let up to the heat here. I could tell at lunch time when I went to take a nap in my car. I park in the shade (what little of it there is) and with the windows down in the car it was darn near cool. I just hope it doesn’t go back up in the 90’s anymore this year. A group of my friends are in town for a memorial for my other friend T. who passed away earlier in the year and they were all shocked at how humid it is here.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday. At least the OT will be nice.

The Hubby painted the family room and it looks great. It softens the ambiance of the whole place. I notice it as soon as I walk into the house. The white walls were just too jarring – at least now with the new color to compare it with. Hubby also got his series of lithographs framed and hung up on the walls so the room really looks finished.

There’s Always My Way

Yes. I rode the Mansion last night. We didn’t make it all the way through. The ride broke down and we got to walk through the ride to exit it (nothing special for me because I used to work there…but I know the guests liked it). But M. and I did get to see all the new effects before it stopped. Some really cool stuff. A few kinks they need to work out, but I think they were really rushed to get it open for tonight’s first Not So Scary Halloween party (which reminds me…I need to pick up a set of scrubs for my costume – I’m going next Friday to the party).

Here’s a link to a video of it.

Orlando Attractions Magazine

The audio in the Stretch Room is just incredible. The Endless Staircase scene is really neat, and the blinking eyes on the wallpaper effect was a pleasant surprise. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so if you really want to see it just check out the link above. If you REALLY want to see it then go see it in person.

Have a good weekend.

Screw High School

I was wondering when my high school 20 year reunion was going to happen.

I’ve been waiting for a letter from them letting me know. I missed my 10 year reunion because I was living in Las Vegas and didn’t have the money at the time to fly back. I really wanted to see how everyone looks now.

Well, it seems my school held the reunion LAST MONTHS! No one contacted me. The only way I found out is one of my class mates works with my partner and my partner happened to ask him if he had heard anything. This person says, “Oh, that was last month.”

So do I get made at my school (Bishop Moore if you are wondering – I also want it to show up on searches) or at the classmate? Maybe they just didn’t want me there because I’m a ‘mo? It is a Catholic school. But I oh so wanted to show up in my tux with my hubby with me.


The Haunted Mansion has reopened today. I’m going after work with my friend M. I can’t wait! Hubby is on another business trip or we would all be going. I’m sure I’ll be talking about it tomorrow.