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Rube In Japan

OK, setting this stuff up would drive me crazy! This clip is a series of short promos for a television program in Japan, so each contraption ends with a little flag with the show’s name on it.



We saw Annie last night…the first show in the Broadway series. It was cute. i’d never seen the musical before. I loved the actress as Ms. Hanagan…she was total drag queen material. And I was shocked with how little Sandy the dog is in the show. But watching the dog was a trip because we could see it watching the trainer off stage or wanting another treat from the actress playing Annie. We wondered how they can do a traveling production of the show with 7 minors in it, but what they do is recruit the kids from the towns they are playing in. Just the rest of the cast and crew travel.

I’m off today, waiting at the Honda dealership getting my oil changed.

Attended the memorial service for my friend T. who passed away earlier in the year. It was an evening of tears and laughter.

And tonight I’m attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight with my friends who are in town.

Everyone have a good weekend!