Even I Was Offended

…And it takes a lot to do that to me.

I’m talking about the Bob Saget special that HBO has been running called That Ain’t Right.

Now I’ve heard enough times that he’s got a potty mouth, going entirely against his Full House persona (makes you kinda wonder if he would sit backstage between takes telling dirty jokes to the Olsen Twins). I’ve got no problem with that. We saw him in The Aristocrats film and knew this. So when we saw the ad for this special we thought it would be fun to see his real act.

What a colossal, steaming pile of crap that was. The hubby and I waded through 15 minutes of it hoping it would get better.

It didn’t.

He seemed to be high on something as he laughed a lot at the audience laughing at him. And all he kept saying was “s***” and “f***” for almost every other word out of his mouth. He wasn’t even telling jokes. He went off on this stream of consciousness prattle, instead. I’m no prude. I enjoy adult entertainment, but when there’s nothing interesting about it…

After the fifteen minutes were up we quickly changed the channel to something else and tried to forget the abortion of a comedy act we just witnessed.

But I do keep wondering how they got the audience to laugh so loudly at him. Lots of free alcohol, or was it a laugh track?

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  1. I’ve always thought he was an idiot.

  2. I hated him on both Full House and America’s Funniest Videos…I’ve just never thought he was funny.

  3. While it certainly wasn’t the most thoughtful material, I must say that his rapid-fire approach to consistently blue material was impressive, at least in regards to delivery and overall energy. I saw his comedy routine many years ago, and it was rather lame, slightly blue-tinged, and boring. This most recent special was, by far, an improvement.

    I’ll say this too…my straight friends are quoting the hell out of this special. It was too much for me to watch it again, but they all seem to just eat it up! Heh, I’ll stick with Patton Oswalt and Eddie Izzard.

  4. Hadn’t seen it, hadn’t intended to. Nail in the coffin. 😉

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