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He Loved Waving His Magic Wand

It seems J.K. Rowling is letting the world know some old fart wizard from her book series was gay.

WTF? If it was so important a plot point then why not put it in your book? I just see this as a way for Rowling to create further “interest” for her book series. It just appears to me as a publicity stunt.

I still haven’t read the books.


I totally vegged this weekend. It was rainy Saturday morning, and then cloudy all weekend, so the heat wasn’t too bad. I did go see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. The only movie I’ve seen more than this one in a theater is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Go figure.


Maybe I should spend more time at Biketoberfest…

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — An Orlando man is recovering Monday after he said he was grabbed by two men and sexually assaulted in Daytona Beach while attending Biketoberfest.

Police said the man was walking along the 400 block of A1A in Daytona Beach early Sunday when two men attacked him and dragged him to a nearby beach.

The victim said he was sexually assaulted by the men at gunpoint.