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The Internet Is For Porn

And truer words have not been spoken.

I am taking a half day today at work and I have Friday off. I decided to see if the muse took a hold of me and delivered a small blurb for today’s blog since my mind is thinking of getting the heck out of Dodge in just a few minutes.

When I go to my blog, the first thing I check are the stats. Well, I see this huge spike in viewings for yesterday. I scroll down to those rankings and suddenly realized why: take a look at the picture below. (Click to enlarge it)


The only posts that have come near that are the Christy McNichol post and the Corporal Punishment in Japan post, both which give me between 2-5 hits a day, despite they are older posts.

Who knew there were so many pervs out on the internet plugging the word “anal” into their search engines?

Everyone have a great weekend!