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Bright Lights, Big City

Hurray! The Broadway strike is over! Now we can get back to awaiting for the newest cast albums to hit store shelves or your favorite download site. I have not heard of any casualties of war (ie – shows that closed because of the strike).

Now I just gotta get up there to see some of them…

End The Writer’s Strike Before It’s Too Late

I read an article yesterday that, because of the Writer’s Strike, the number of Reality TV programs is about to explode (because no writer’s are needed, of course).

Does this mean we are going to see shows like “Dancing With the Double Amputees” and “So You Wanna Fist A Pit Bull” on prime time? I hope not. But I wouldn’t mind watching “Extreme Makeover: Leather Edition” or “Project Male Sodomy” on a Sunday evening.


Here’s the hottest toy for Christmas this season: The Larry Craig Action Figure

Too Much

Yes, I survived the long weekend. God, I loved having 4 days off in a row. No post yesterday as there was stuff to catch up on from the 4-day respite.

We had two T-Day dinners to attend on Thursday so we had plenty to eat. The not so great news was we woke up Friday morning to find our pond pump had died. We weren’t thrilled heading out to the sales thinking we may have to buy a new one. But, I took it to Aquatic EcoSystems yesterday for repair as we found out it has a two year warranty. I hope we get it back soon (or a replacement) before the pond starts to get “aromatic”. My knees have been bothering me the past few weeks which isn’t good (Shut-up! It wasn’t from kneeling on tile floors in the Daytona Beach Sears men’s room – I use kneepads when I do that). I predict I may be needing surgery in a few years on them. But otherwise it was a good Thanksgiving.

I must say I am thankful that the manufacturers of singing/talking/dancing novelty toys have wised up this year. Now instead of a chorus of dancing reindeer singing that “Grandma” song because some ass decided to press all their buttons at once, you simply press their button again to make them stop! Why didn’t they think of that years ago?

Oh…and the other thing I learned this past week is that my mom has no compassion for anyone but herself. Something I’m sure I’ll be telling her the next time she pisses me off.

Linux Taking Over Christmas?

I noticed something the other day at Walgreen’s. They had their Christmas candy stuff up and there was this two-foot tall chocolate penguin.

Then I started seeing penguins everywhere in holiday decorations. Is this the first year for them? I sure don’t remember them last year.


Oh well, tomorrow kicks off this crazy season. We are supposed to go see Enchanted tonight. A friend of ours saw a sneak preview and really liked it.

At work I found out our hot Hispanic maintenance guy is getting a divorce. Stud, I’ll try keeping you satisfied until you find someone else.

Otherwise I’m off until next Monday. We now have two Thanksgivings to go to since the Hubby’s sister has moved up here. So everyone eat safe and see you next week.

Drivel Me Some More

I saw this on a local news web site:

VH1 announced the reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” will premiere Jan. 10, consisting of eight one-hour episodes. Sierra is one of nine participants including former female professional wrestler Chyna (Joanie Laurer) and actors Tom Sizemore and Andy Dick. The show will be hosted by celebrity addictions specialist Drew Pinsky.

And following that you can watch bums defacating in alleys for fabulous prizes! [/sarcasm]

Christmas Isn’t Tacky

‘Nough said…

Santa And Flamingos

We ARE all going to Hell for this…


Easy Listening

As my work winds down for today (off in 30 minutes) I am listening to a pleasant little podcast called the QCast Connecticut. It’s a gay couple who are actors, and often their British roommate. It’s pleasant, a little ribald, and some good backstage/actor stories. And most of their shows are only about around 30 minutes so not too long, either.

That’s all I got for today. Have a good weekend.

Extra! Extra! Friday’s Post Comes Early!

Yes, readers! I just had to post this becasue it may not be around much longer for free. Yep! I said free!

The short film, Zombie Prom, is available as a free download on iTunes! It’s cheesy and fun…and you can’t go wrong with a diva drag-queen as the baddie! So check it out before you gotta pay!

ZP Cover

Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon…

Yes…nothing going on here today. I went to bed early last night (before 10 PM!) as I wasn’t feeling so hot with recent sinus problems. Hubby got home at some point. The dogs woke me up barking and running to the front door then I was back out. I talked to him today and he actually enjoyed the concert…said the comedian was funnier than when he watched him on TV. He acted pleasantly to the third person in the group. He said the best part were the two teens sitting behind them they chatted with before the show. One of teens kept saying things that had double entendres but would quickly ad, “…but I’m not gay!” after each of them. Thou dost protest too much, methinks. But he was young so could come bursting out of the closet at any moment.

Half day tomorrow, but I switched with one of my co-workers so I’m actually in at 1:30 PM. I can sleep in!

Are You Part Scooby?

Wow! What science has come up with.

Metamorphix is a way to genetically test your pooch and see what breeds were doing the nasty in the back alley with their ancestors. The cost is $79.95 and turn around time is about 6 to 8 weeks, but the process is entirely non-invasive and you just send the sample through the regular mail. It can identify 38 potential breeds, but that will grow as the database is added to. I know I’ll be getting one of these in the near future…we still wonder what S.’s heritage is. We think some Border Collie and some Lab, with Terrier in there somewhere.


Tonight the hubby is going to a concert by someone he doesn’t like. Why is he doing that? N. bought him the ticket as a gift and he’s going with her because she loves this performer.

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a third person going….someone who pissed hubby off last year so now hubby has to not only sit through this performance, he has to do it in close proximity of this third person.

I can’t wait to get home from class tonight and hear the gory details. 🙂