Three Of A Kind

I went to see the guidance counselor today at my college. I wanted to go over my degree info and make sure everything is kosher and I was on track. It’s a good thing I did.

First, my major was listed as “Personal” and not “CET Microsoft”. I filled out and signed the needed paperwork to fix that.

The second issue was that the Atlas system was not showing one of my classes on the degree page…so it showed I needed 4 more classes to graduate. But I showed the counselor that I had already taken one of the required classes (luckily, another page proved this) and she did her stuff to get it corrected.

Now I am back to needing 3 classes to finish…and they are all being offered in the Spring semester. Do I go for it? My job only reimburses so many credit hours a semester so if I take three I end up basically getting money back for only two of them. Two of them are computer courses (1 netting me another technical certificate), and the third is a general education class (Ethics in Info Technology) which sounds like a cakewalk. I can start registering on November 8th so I’ll be discussing it with the hubby.

And the last decision would be if I want to go through the graduation ceremony. I know my mom wants me to so she can smile and be so proud and take photos and stuff…basically so she can boast to everyone that I graduated. I would just feel embarrassed.


The Mangina Monologues has a great post on his first leather BDSM scene. God, the stuff he describes I know exactly how he feels…and it makes me want another scene really soon. I’m such a leather-whore…LOL!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting close to graduating! I think you should go through with the ceremony…it’ll be worth it in the end.

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