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GDIF Part VIII & Total Stupidity

Yes, another elected official’s career is effectively over unless he can prove his innocence in this. But how often does someone come back from a scandal like this if they do succeed in proving their innocence? Not very often that I can find. This one happened right down the street from me.

Central Fla. Mayor Accused Of Molestation

MASCOTTE, Fla. — The mayor of a small Central Florida city was arrested Monday on molestation charges, authorities said.

Mayor Jeff Krull, 66, was charged with six counts of lewd and lascivious molestation and one count of showing lewd and lascivious material to a minor, police Chief Steve Allen said.

Authorities said the alleged victims visited the mayor’s home to use his computer. It’s believed there were at least three victims, but Allen said an investigation could reveal more.

The mayor was taken to a hospital after his arrest because he complained of chest discomfort. Once released, he will be transported to Lake County jail on $65,000 bond, Allen said.

Krull’s fiance, Barbara Tillman, told The Associated Press that Krull, who has children and grandchildren, is thought of as a “grandfather figure” in their community.

“I know he is not guilty of ever harming a child like that in any way,” she said. “When the chief of police was arresting him, I thought it was a joke.”

Tillman said Krull does not yet have an attorney.

Stephen Elmore, a city council member, said he was informed of the arrest at a Monday night city council meeting.

“All I can say is that I hope very much that it is not true,” Elmore said. “I guess I’m stunned, like everybody. Everybody who works for the city and knows him is really surprised by this. I hope that it’s not true, that there’s some mistake.”

Krull was elected to the city council in 2002 and became mayor in 2006, according to the city’s Web site. He is up for re-election Nov. 13.

Mascotte, a city of about 5,000, is about 35 miles west of Orlando.

Now on to a Darwin Award nominee

LAKELAND, Fla. — Authorities in Polk County said a teenager is dead after shooting himself in the head during a game of Russian roulette.

A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said Joshua Matthew Braggs shot himself Friday. He died in a hospital Saturday.

The spokeswoman said no charges have been filed. The investigation is ongoing.