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School Or Scandal?

Here’s the issue I’m trying to decide on:

Tonight I have class. But tonight is also our development’s Annual Meeting where the residents have ballots to vote on some changes and nominate a new President or Board member if they want. I’ve got news that the former president is trying to get back into power (during his reign he was called something very nasty by someone else on the board in one of the meetings in front of everyone because of his behavior) and many of the regular attendees can attest to how bad he was. He’s been off the Board for several years (only showing up occasionally at meetings to bitch about something) but has been getting a group of residents to back him. If that weren’t enough, I just got more insider info that this person and some of his “supporters” are behind on their HOA dues – – – and the by-laws state that residents behind on dues can’t have their ballots counted! Woohoo! Our property management’s legal guy will also be there to oversee the festivities.

So which will it be?