Same Bat Time…Same Bat Channel

For those of you paying attention, yesterday’s entry was a tongue-in-cheek post about me deciding if I should go to class or attend our HOA meeting where things could get really spicy because it was the election meeting.

Well, I did go to class. I got there early, worked on the next lab assignment and got it signed off by the professor. The only other thing they were doing that night, besides lab work, was going over the next chapter and reading it for myself is just as useful as him going through the PowerPoint presentation. Got there and the meeting hadn’t even started. They were still trying to collect the proxy to see if they had enough to form a quorum (I believe that’s 20%).

An issue arose which the legal rep brought to the meetings attention (we really did have a large turn out). It seems another group of people were handing out their own proxies to people before the meeting. Well, it happens to be three people who want to take over the HOA board because they don’t like the current members’ way of running things.

With a Q&A session with the legal rep he explained the issue: these new proxies were not illegal, but if we were to accept them as legal, it was leaving us open to litigation in the future (meaning more money spent from our reserves to retain his company’s services). He advised postponing the meeting 30 to 60 days and let him review and research everything.

There were the few who were behind the three men (they were the ones who clapped when they spoke) but most residents were pissed that we could not form a quorum and get business done and that they would have to come back. I don’t think the “3-Headed Monster” intended that to happen but feel it’s a victory of sorts. What I don’t think they know is who some of their opposition is. As I spoke with our president about Internet stuff I am now handling, Mr. X. told the president what he is planning to do to legally discredit the group – and the president let him know that all paperwork was public record so he would have no problem.

The annoying part is I can’t vote nor be on any of the official committees because I am not on the deed for the home, only the hubby is. So any work I do is assisting those on the committees.

But I do have to say it was a lot more fun than class.


I’m still getting used to my new work schedule. My group has gone to 9 hour days Mon-Thu, and then we each work a half day on Fri, staggered so there’s always coverage. At least I get the opening shift. Tomorrow I plan on getting my new PC up and running at home. Tonight we are putting the PS3 out and attaching it to the HD TV. Now that I’ve gotten my 5 free Blu-Ray movies from Sony so we can legitimately call it a DVD player, not just a gaming machine (The hubby is no good at video games so he needed another good reason for me to permanently set it up).

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