Too Good To Resist

We had a health fair at our work last week. I got my flu shot then. I walked around to the different tables looking at what they had to offer (why was Sam’s Club there giving out muffins when right next to their table was the blood sugar screening table?).

I picked this up at the Little Clinic table. The Little Clinic are clinics inside some Publix stores where you can go if sick…Great. If you are sick there’s nothing more I want to see then you dragging your germ covered body into the place where we buy groceries. Luckily, the Publix’s I hang out at clocking hotties frequent don’t have these clinics installed. This coloring book from the Little Clinic sent too many wrong thoughts through my perverted little mind.

Coloring Book


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  1. LOL I don’t think our Publix has a Tommy Tickler either. And you and I have similar shopping habits. 😉

  2. For the record – the Publix I shop at had plenty of Tommy Ticklers at it this last Sunday – though no medical clinics and no kids coloring books.

    I do so love to shop at Publix – and it isn’t even the “gay Publix”.

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