Linux Taking Over Christmas?

I noticed something the other day at Walgreen’s. They had their Christmas candy stuff up and there was this two-foot tall chocolate penguin.

Then I started seeing penguins everywhere in holiday decorations. Is this the first year for them? I sure don’t remember them last year.


Oh well, tomorrow kicks off this crazy season. We are supposed to go see Enchanted tonight. A friend of ours saw a sneak preview and really liked it.

At work I found out our hot Hispanic maintenance guy is getting a divorce. Stud, I’ll try keeping you satisfied until you find someone else.

Otherwise I’m off until next Monday. We now have two Thanksgivings to go to since the Hubby’s sister has moved up here. So everyone eat safe and see you next week.

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  1. Posted by Lucas on November 23, 2007 at 10:21 AM

    I have notice the penguins shift as well. Just assumed it was due to the latest onslaught of penguin movie. OR it could me someone decided that the North Pole is cold so there are penguins there. Who knows. Anyway, we are heading to our second T-Day dinner in a few hours (his parents’ was yesterday) so will be turkeyed out. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend!

  2. Oh wow. Penguins are officially part of Corporate America. I don’t know if I should say, Congratulations or I’m sorry for them.
    But anyway, I loved Enchanted! Fantastic movie, I left the movie house with that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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