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Too Much

Yes, I survived the long weekend. God, I loved having 4 days off in a row. No post yesterday as there was stuff to catch up on from the 4-day respite.

We had two T-Day dinners to attend on Thursday so we had plenty to eat. The not so great news was we woke up Friday morning to find our pond pump had died. We weren’t thrilled heading out to the sales thinking we may have to buy a new one. But, I took it to Aquatic EcoSystems yesterday for repair as we found out it has a two year warranty. I hope we get it back soon (or a replacement) before the pond starts to get “aromatic”. My knees have been bothering me the past few weeks which isn’t good (Shut-up! It wasn’t from kneeling on tile floors in the Daytona Beach Sears men’s room – I use kneepads when I do that). I predict I may be needing surgery in a few years on them. But otherwise it was a good Thanksgiving.

I must say I am thankful that the manufacturers of singing/talking/dancing novelty toys have wised up this year. Now instead of a chorus of dancing reindeer singing that “Grandma” song because some ass decided to press all their buttons at once, you simply press their button again to make them stop! Why didn’t they think of that years ago?

Oh…and the other thing I learned this past week is that my mom has no compassion for anyone but herself. Something I’m sure I’ll be telling her the next time she pisses me off.