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New And Improved!

You may have seen these at your grocery store recently…or maybe in adds.


We had a coupon so decided to buy some.

Hubby made them the other morning and we found out a disturbing secret:

These are just Pillsbury’s cinnamon rolls…the directions just have you unroll them yourself! No, really. Pillsbury wasted money on advertising a “new” product when they could have just written on the packaging a new way to prepare them.

But everyone have a good New Year’s Eve. We have no idea what we are doing for the evening. But we are having a small dinner party on the 1st (Hubby was Jones-ing to cook the turkey that’s been in our freezer) so a handful of friends will be coming over for food and good conversation.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what 2008 brings us.

Evie Harris Is Back!

The Jizz Party and Christmas Evie

IFC’s cult film “Girls Will Be Girls” lives again in a series of twisted, hard-R rated shorts, beginning with “The Jizz Party.” Written and directed by Richard Day (“Arrested Development.”) Starring Jack Plotnick (“Gods and Monsters,”) Clinton Leupp (“Trick,”) and Jay Johnson (“The Sarah Silverman Program.”)

Warning! Anyone viewing these two short films WILL be offended! Have fun!

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Brightening Your Day

It only takes a little news story to brighten one’s day. Take THIS story from USA Today.

President Bush’s days in ‘Office’ are numbered
Only ‘Far Side’ sells more ’08 calendars

By Maria Puente

Polls may show George W. Bush as the most unpopular president in modern history, but a different kind of measurement shows he’s the most popular president ever for selling calendars.

As the Bush presidency winds down, the Bush Out of Office Countdown 2008 desk calendar ($11.99) is winding up as the No. 2 humor calendar (behind The Far Side Scared Silly 2008 Wall Calendar) for the new year, according to, the largest purveyor of calendars online and at retail kiosks.

“They’re edgy and a way to mark the days, so it’s a perfect tie-in,” says Hillel Levin, general manager at “The intensity of dislike (for Bush) is driving these sales.”

These poking-fun-at-the-prez calendars were popular last year, but they’re even bigger for 2008 — and there are more of them than ever.

“It’s become a category unto itself,” Levin says. There were no such calendars for other recent presidents — say, Bill Clinton or Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush. “This is a new phenomenon.”

The “This is a new phenomenon” sentence cheered me up so much. Just another article pointing out what a royal fuck-up our current President is. Everyone have a great day!

Rude or Funny?

There’s a new pack and ship chain that’s been opening up around Central Florida. I laughed at the store name…but I’m sure it’s going to offend some.

Shipping Store

Pack It Up

So did everyone survive Christmas? I did with minimum of frustration and the spending of a little bit too much money. Here’s a festive little tale to tell:

It was Sunday and we hit the Y to work out (the one Down Town with the picture windows in the saunas…Hubba-Hubba!). After that we skipped over to the Marshall’s store in that plaza that used to be the Colonial Mall. Mark always checks them out because he often finds his favorite type of t-shirts there really cheap. There were two cop cars out front but since no one was screaming and running from the store we didn’t think much of it. As we entered there were two girls about 15 years old walking past us. Funny…they had their hands behind their back. Then we saw the cop walking right behind them. I turned and looked as they all passed by…and sure enough, they were in handcuffs.

I said to Hubby, “What the f*** is there at a Marshall’s store that’s worth shoplifting?” and then realized: They were just there getting their Christmas Shop-Lifting done!


And there’s this wonderful story from out of LA I like to call “Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause…And He Wears a G-String“.

G-String Santa Arrested On DUI Charge

LOS ANGELES — Some gifts from Kris Kringle are better kept wrapped.

A man in a Santa hat was arrested Sunday night for investigation of drunken driving after he was spotted outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood wearing a wig, a red lace camisole and a purple G-string, police said.

“We are pretty sure this is not the Santa Claus,” Deputy Chief Ken Garner said.

The suspect was booked into jail after his blood-alcohol level measured just above the state’s legal limit of .08, police said. He was later released on $5,000 bail.

The man, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds, also wore black leg warmers and black shoes. His car was towed to an impound yard, police said.

Merry Christmas!

…or whatever Holiday you celebrate!

The Kids

Christmas Massacre

I just got back from seeing Sweeney Todd. Before you read on, I just want to let you know that these are the thoughts of a guy whose all-time favorite Broadway show is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I’ve seen a letter-perfect recreation of the Broadway show back in the late 80’s; I’ve listened to the score several thousand times and know it by heart; I even played the part of Toby in a small production that had me killing someone four times a night. With that said, let’s proceed…

First off, let me say that ST is an F-ing incredible movie. As I waited for the film to start, I had to tell myself to be objective about it: This was not Tim Burton trying to film the Broadway version…It is simply his retelling of the story. And film and stage are quite different beasts. The atmosphere is so depressing it’s amazing. You only see the sun shine twice in this film. But the characters seem so at home in the gloom you would think England really did look like that back in the 1800’s. Many of the songs made it to the movie, though most shortened by a verse of two. It’s was also odd not to hear the crowd singing along during the God That’s Good number. Only the main characters sing…there’s no Greek chorus moving the story along. In fact, The Ballad of Sweeney Todd is only heard in sections of the score.

The best staged number was A Little Priest when Ms. Lovett figures out what to do with Sweeney’s victim. It was actually quite creepy the way they looked outside the windows and the passers-by pay them no heed as they are discussing the heinous acts of baking they could do.

I did have to adjust to Todd and Lovett being played and sung by younger actors, and having an actual child playing the role of Toby…not an adult with an adult singing voice. Helena Bonham Carter probably had the weakest voice but played the character wonderfully. The Worst Pies In London must be sung with more force than she did.

But all the actors were wonderful, the few that there were. Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall were both great as the villains (but is Sweeney the villain, too?). I was a bit annoyed at how fatalist they made Johanna be. Not a happy girl at all.

On to the gore….yea gads! It was amazing! Pretty much the level of gore you saw in Tim Burton’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow film. There was one person in the theater I kept seeing their hands fly up in front of their face whenever a throat was slit. This is the only reason this film got an R rating.

For the Sweeney enthusiests, you will notice the musical numbers left out of the movie, most of the ones left in are shortened, and one number, Todd and Anthony’s duet, Johanna, moved a few scenes early. There were also small story changes but it stays true to the plot of the musical.

The only thing in the film that I would have done differently……(wait for it)…..was the abrupt ending. I’m talking even more abrupt than the musical’s ending (but, then again, the Ballad of ST number and the Greek chorus wrap the musical up for you at the end). So as not to spoil it, the few additions I would have done to the film are listed at the very bottom of this post. If I wasn’t a fan of the musical I would have no gripes at all. But comparing it brings up the little things I’ve mentioned. But don’t get me wrong…this film will become my all-time favorite musical film version…and I’m hoping it’s out on Blu-Ray, not HD-DVD when it makes it out of the theaters.

And another thought…this film will do well, but because there is no happy ending I see that hurting its total gross. Most critics love it, and the Johnny Depp fans and musical fans will gladly help it be a success. Hell, I will be seeing it again soon with the Hubby (I had a half day today so went straight to the Pleasure Island Theaters and saw it). But it is not feel-good Holiday fare, and definitely not a date movie…unless you are Goth.

If you’ve never heard the musical soundtrack or seen the musical, go see it…as long as gore doesn’t put you off. And once you’ve seen the film I suggest you then purchase, or at least borrow, a copy of the 2-disc original Broadway recording and let it fill in the full story for you. Maybe I’ll come listen with you…and bring along my razor.

Read no further if you don’t want anything spoiled!

My additions to the ending would be this: Show Toby witnessing Todd killing Mrs. Lovett; allow Todd to finish singing the entire verse before being killed; and show us Anthony and Johanna in some form…in the musical they come rushing in right after Todd dies with the police with them…that would have been good, or at least them leaving the city together.

Buying Nothing At All

I was checking out a web cam on Amazon when I decided to check on some CD’s. By the time it was all over I walked away purchasing $55 in CD’s. They are:

Young Frankenstein

“Puttin’ On The Ritz!”


I heard their version of “I’m Alive” and loved it!

Little Mermaid

It’s Disney AND it’s Broadway…there’s no way I couldn’t buy it.

And finally…

Forbidden Broadway

The funniest (and only) Broadway parody music around.

And I didn’t pay anything for them…yet. You see, they are all bought before they are released. So as each one gets released I’ll be billed.

Now you may wonder why I didn’t end up ordering this:


That’s because I’m going to see it tomorrow afternoon right after work (I’m off at Noon tomorrow). And right before or right after the movie I’ll just step into the Virgin Megastore next to the theater and pick up the soundtrack. I’m shooting for the 12:25 viewing, but if I’m running late I’ll hit the 1:20. Anyone care to join me?

Dare I Say, “Going Down In Flames” Again?

I would say “Like sister, like sister”, But Ms. Spears little sister has dragged their family name further into the mud, and possibly for good.

When I first heard Jamie-Lynn Spears was pregnant I didn’t think much of it. I only knew she wasn’t psycho as her sister. Maybe she’s learned by watching the sad mess that is her older sibling. Good for her!

Until I found out the trampette is only 16 years old! The flood gates are opening and she (and the family) are going to have to weather a shit-storm from outraged religious and parenting groups. A co-worker even told me that their Mom was working on a book about parenting. Sweetie, better hit the delete button on that file. And I bet you Nickelodeon is not going to renew the teen program she stars in for another season. Hell, I bet the Academy is embarrassed for nominating the program for Outstanding Children’s Program in 2005 now.

There has got to be a double-wide trailer she and her sister can share now.


Well, Christmas is almost here. I think I can finish it by purchasing one last gift…just gotta wade through the crowds at the Snobby Millinea Mall to get it. As the Hubby performs in the choir as many evenings as much as he can, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to get his gifts wrapped. Work has slowed down since the initial server dilemma, and with most of the executives off this week already, it’s getting quieter by the minute. And our company was even nice enough to give us the day before Christmas off as a paid holiday!

Coming soon: some pictures of the “kids” for Christmas.

Forced Vacation

I may not be writing as regularly as I do this coming week. At least for a few days. I got a call from work about 3:45 today (Sunday) and found out the A/C drip pan in the server room backed up and spilled itself on a few of our servers. I went in and helped remove equipment and dry things. But one of the servers we lost was our outside Internet connection. And since I usually post during off times at work, I may not be posting.

Now let me get back to watching the season finale of Dexter.



P.S. – Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You are two this month!