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Today I have a quote from a journalist who saw an advance screening of Sweeney Todd. You can read the entire (but brief) post HERE.

As a member of the working press, I saw tonight’s screening under embargo, so I can’t say anything specific about Sweeney Todd until it opens in selected cities on December 21. (It opens wide on January 11.) What I can say is that it is–without exception, and by a considerable margin–the best film ever to have been made from a Broadway musical. The only other one to which it can possibly be compared is Bob Fosse’s 1972 screen version of Cabaret, and Sweeney is, aside from everything else, a better show. (It is, in my opinion, the best musical to have opened on Broadway since the end of World War II.) I also think it might actually do well at the box office, not to mention the next Oscar night.

I am so there on opening night. And it better be showing in DLP, too.


I spent yesterday at Disney with my mom, sister, niece and nephew. My niece is three and a half years old and she lasted the entire day. We were at the Magic Kingdom by 8:45 in time for rope drop and we stayed until 8:45 PM, leaving just before the fireworks. We also went over to Epcot for lunch and to see the Finding Nemo attraction.

Only once did my niece fall asleep and that was in the stroller for about 15 minutes in the late morning. Otherwise she was rearing to go all day. She absolutely loved Goofy’s Barnstomer, a kid-sized rollercoaster. We had to ride it a second time before we could move on to something else. She made a pet out of the gummy worm that was on her dessert plate. She named it Wormy, and carried him in her hand for several hours. She finally ate him when my sister would not buy her anymore candy. But my niece was nice enough not to eat his head, but save it to show her grandpa.

My nephew is only 6 months old but was so well behaved, and even enjoyed the country Bear Jamboree, bouncing around on my sister’s lap during the show. I can’t wait to see the photos my mom took throughout the day.

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  1. While I might not actually see this on opening night – it is entirely possible to fathom that I may see it in the theater, instead of waiting for the DVD as I usually do.

    Though, I just don’t know about HBC. I may have an issue getting the wonderful performance of Angela Lansbury out of my mind.

    Yes, I’m that old.

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