Your Parents Named You What?

Some parents must hate their kids…or want them to grow up to be strippers. Case in point: the name of an actress I saw at a local theater:

Cherish Glaze

I could think of some naughty lines for that one. I guess lucky for us the search term “Cherish Glaze” does not pull up any explicit photos.


Classes are almost done. My astronomy final is tomorrow and I can honestly say I learned something. That the Earth is so insignificantly and infinitesimally small that we don’t even rate on the Universe’s Scale of Importance. My Server 2003 final is next Wednesday (one more class tonight). After that there’s just one semester left! My mom said she is going to throw me a graduation party when I’m done.

Of course, it won’t be the one I want. Mine would involve hot, well-oiled bodies and some hot sweaty money sex. Not something I want my mom to be attending.

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  1. I don’t thing Sorted is busy that night. He could probably work something out for you.

  2. perhaps mother can meet you half way on this one?

  3. Just have mom pay for it.

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