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Dropping By The Wayside

That’s what it seems to be like. I’m talking about the bloggers I regularly read. I can count 3 of them this year who have gone on “hiatus” or have announced they will be no longer blogging. A 4th said he probably will end it soon.

It’s sad…especially when these are people you don’t know in person. Oh, I’ve met them a few times, but I know so much more about them from their blogs and occasional emails than by spending a day with them.

But if you are an adult, you learn that people change and people move on. Lives can become hectic and the pleasurable things need to take a back-seat to things that actually put food on the table. There’s nothing you can, or should, do to change that. Hell, I may do it one day, too, though my narcissism has kept me from it so far. You get sad for a little bit, then you move on. You never know…you might run back into them on a new blog, or just get an email or phone call out of the blue, and you are instantly overjoyed to read about/hear from them.

Good-bye T.

Good-bye S.

Good-bye K.

Good-bye S2.