Dropping By The Wayside

That’s what it seems to be like. I’m talking about the bloggers I regularly read. I can count 3 of them this year who have gone on “hiatus” or have announced they will be no longer blogging. A 4th said he probably will end it soon.

It’s sad…especially when these are people you don’t know in person. Oh, I’ve met them a few times, but I know so much more about them from their blogs and occasional emails than by spending a day with them.

But if you are an adult, you learn that people change and people move on. Lives can become hectic and the pleasurable things need to take a back-seat to things that actually put food on the table. There’s nothing you can, or should, do to change that. Hell, I may do it one day, too, though my narcissism has kept me from it so far. You get sad for a little bit, then you move on. You never know…you might run back into them on a new blog, or just get an email or phone call out of the blue, and you are instantly overjoyed to read about/hear from them.

Good-bye T.

Good-bye S.

Good-bye K.

Good-bye S2.

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  1. Its sad to see them go, but I guess I’m kind-of at-a-loss as to why people feel they have to either post regularly or stop completely. Maybe because I started back before the term “blog” existed, back when there wasn’t any concept of a daily crawl or people turning to blogs as another online community. We just posted whenever we wanted to share, nothing scheduled or predictable. Our life would get in the way, and our posts would slow up. No big deal, no need to pull any plug.

    Like you said, maybe they’ll be back someday with a new blog. To borrow a metaphor from Brad, I’d rather keep my same porch for years to come, even if the light’s out from time to time.

  2. I’m with Bryan about wondering why there’s an unstated obligation to post daily or some other regular schedule. It takes some of the joy out of it if it becomes a chore.

    Regardless of the reason, I, too, miss those who have decided to leave the blogosphere. Sadly, I didn’t have the time or ability to get to know them on a more personal level.

  3. Am I one of those S’s? I’ve been really bad at keeping up with mine, but haven’t decided to give it up just yet. Chris gave his up and since he hardly posted at all, I didn’t notice he quit until two weeks after he did.

  4. Well, I’ve been blogging less, but I’m still here. I’m catching up with my blogroll now that I’m on holiday break. 😉

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