Brightening Your Day

It only takes a little news story to brighten one’s day. Take THIS story from USA Today.

President Bush’s days in ‘Office’ are numbered
Only ‘Far Side’ sells more ’08 calendars

By Maria Puente

Polls may show George W. Bush as the most unpopular president in modern history, but a different kind of measurement shows he’s the most popular president ever for selling calendars.

As the Bush presidency winds down, the Bush Out of Office Countdown 2008 desk calendar ($11.99) is winding up as the No. 2 humor calendar (behind The Far Side Scared Silly 2008 Wall Calendar) for the new year, according to, the largest purveyor of calendars online and at retail kiosks.

“They’re edgy and a way to mark the days, so it’s a perfect tie-in,” says Hillel Levin, general manager at “The intensity of dislike (for Bush) is driving these sales.”

These poking-fun-at-the-prez calendars were popular last year, but they’re even bigger for 2008 — and there are more of them than ever.

“It’s become a category unto itself,” Levin says. There were no such calendars for other recent presidents — say, Bill Clinton or Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush. “This is a new phenomenon.”

The “This is a new phenomenon” sentence cheered me up so much. Just another article pointing out what a royal fuck-up our current President is. Everyone have a great day!

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