New And Improved!

You may have seen these at your grocery store recently…or maybe in adds.


We had a coupon so decided to buy some.

Hubby made them the other morning and we found out a disturbing secret:

These are just Pillsbury’s cinnamon rolls…the directions just have you unroll them yourself! No, really. Pillsbury wasted money on advertising a “new” product when they could have just written on the packaging a new way to prepare them.

But everyone have a good New Year’s Eve. We have no idea what we are doing for the evening. But we are having a small dinner party on the 1st (Hubby was Jones-ing to cook the turkey that’s been in our freezer) so a handful of friends will be coming over for food and good conversation.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what 2008 brings us.


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  1. Come to the Cove!

  2. It’s just like Taco Bell. It’s all the same meat-type product made to look different. However, we make the cinnamon rolls on the weekends, and Chris loves them. Hope you guys have a nice evening, and Happy New Year!

  3. may it bring something wonderful to you!

  4. Well, they look yummy, regardless. 🙂 I used to love the orange rolls as a kid.

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