Not Another New Year…Didn’t We Just Have One?

No big blow-out party for the New Year. Actually we spent it at home watching Dream Girls which I hadn’t seen before. It was a really good movie. It was over by about 11:45 so I switched it over to ABC’s NYE coverage. Dick Clark doesn’t look like he’s improving from his stroke. And he’s almost 80 years old. Maybe it’s time to just sit back and take life easy. We then watched some of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our back porch (we have to stand on the pool storage bin to see over the back wall). No big shakes that night.

The next evening we had a dinner party for a handful of our friends. Hubby got to cook his turkey, since we didn’t make one for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Two of our friends had been at Epcot on NYE and told us they didn’t get home until almost 4 AM…and they live in Celebration! (Celebration is on the edge of Disney property). They said the traffic to get out of the parking lot was so bad they simply sat on a bench at the entrance for a long time and watched the cars not moving at all. I always tell myself NYE in the Parks would be fun but I’m glad we don’t go because of the cluster-f*** it all becomes at the end of the night (or morning, as the case may be). We’d have to have a hotel room on property if we ever did that. But we all had some great conversation and food…though I didn’t get to bed until midnight. Hubby had to go outside and cover all the plants to protect them from the extremely cold weather we are having here so I had to wash most of the dishes myself. Oh well….maybe I’ll catch up on my sleep tonight.

As we prepared for that evening’s party I was putting DVD cases away and came across one I decided to watch as I worked. It was the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Can we say gay camp? I totally loved it! The line-up of guest stars who appeared with Mr. Lynde were: Florence Henderson, Donnie & Marie, Margaret Hamilton (getting into full Wicked Witch garb), Billy Hayes as Witchy-Poo (remember her from H.R. Puffenstuff?), Tim Conway, Roz “Pinky Tuskadero” Kelly, Billy Barty, and musical numbers by KISS. Any queen worth her Princess Points should really view this. There’s also a great extra piece with Peter Marshall retelling stories about Paul during the Hollywood Squares years. It’s so sad he passed away when he did.

Well, 5 o’clock has finally come. Talk to you all alter.


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  1. Well, 5 o’clock has finally come. Talk to you all alter.

    Nothing is so telling as that last word. 😉

    Happy New Year!

  2. Posted by Lucas on January 3, 2008 at 8:55 PM

    Hey stud. I posted today…in some major funk right now. I know the reasons and I will be fine…but yea. Making the rounds today to kinda catch up. Glad you had a good New Year’s Eve even though it was quiet. Ours wasn’t all that quiet…we threw a big party and it was great to be among friends.

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