The TaTa’s Have Left The Building

It seems the employees of Dolly’s Dixie Stampede were in for a surprise yesterday when they showed up for work: Their jobs were no more.


As I watched this story I quickly thought the dinner show just wasn’t bringing in business. But that’s not right…if crap-ass dinner shows like Capone’s, Pirates, and Medieval Times can run for years and years, Dixie Stampede could, too. Heck, it’s right on the edge of Disney property with tons of tourists to bring in the bucks.

But lack of business wasn’t the issue. They were offered a hell of a lot of money for the land they sit on. It appears they got an offer they couldn’t turn down and sold the place in record time…which goes to show the people at the top were in it for the money, not to bring laughter and enjoyment to visitors.

The news reported they are looking for another location in Orlando to build again, but they didn’t seem gung-ho about it. And even if they do, that means the employees still won’t be able to work until the new building and location are completed.

So the lot across from the outlet mall will most likely have another condo high-rise on it, like they need more there. The only silver lining is that the employees were given 2 months pay. It’s at least something in this tough job market.


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  1. Wow, that’s really surprising. Patrick and I went there a few weeks ago and saw their Christmas show. Though the angel that descended from the ceiling (complete with heavenly fog and a trained dove that came to her) and baby Jesus being held up by Joseph like Simba in The Lion King was all a bit much, I thought the entire show was rather enjoyable. Oh well, glad we made it before the end.

  2. Somehow I think most tourist attractions are in it for just the money. The owners and executives, anyway.

  3. Not a condo so much as more shopping. It was purchased by the owners of the aforementioned nearby shopping facility.

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