The Battle Approaches

We held a work day in the community on Saturday and I was really pleased with the turn out. A lot of landscaping was done (IE – plants and weeds removed) from the pool area, but there’s still more to do. The next one will be in a few weeks so we can make another dent in what needs to be done. But we are definitely getting things done on our own that would have cost us money to hire a service to do.

In the past few months I’ve talked about the three men trying to take over the three positions on our HOA, two of them with “pasts” and not with the best of intentions. Well, we got confirmation from our Property Management company in our HOA meeting last Wednesday that one of the three has had his house foreclosed on. He lost his appeal and now owes the HOA and Property Management Company about $56,000…the majority which are legal fees. He is to be served a writ where he will have one final chance to pay the full balance he owes and after that he has 14 days to vacate the premises of be forcefully removed. I would love to know what day that will be so I can be home and watch from down the street (I can see his house from my driveway). But I also think he will probably trash the place, too, which is sad.

But the craziest thing is that, even if evicted, he can still run for a seat on the Board. WTF?!?! I just hope the people who were backing this “Three-Headed Monster” will come to their senses and see that the current Board members have the community’s interest at heart. These three guys were no where to be seen at the work day (but our three Board members were). The Annual Meeting will now be on the 23rd of this month. I’m sure I’ll Have a post for you the next morning on what happened at this meeting.


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  1. “But the craziest thing is that, even if evicted, he can still run for a seat on the Board. WTF?!?!”

    I thought it was just us southern hemisphere folk, subject to absurd property law.

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