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Small Town Sondheim?

Attend The Tale Of Sweeney Floyd!.


Yes, a rare weekend post. Friday the apathy at work was so thick…everyone was in shock from the lay offs from the day before. My boss came by that afternoon to say goodbye. He’ll keep me updated on where he goes to work and subtly said he would give me any job openings he knows of. The BoD have truly shot the company in the foot by dicing up the IT department. My lead can not do heavy lifting because of his back. When I go on vacation what’s he supposed to do if a computer move is needed? Carlos (the hot maintenance guy) his work has increased since they let one of the mail room people go (he backs them up when needed). it all just snowballs down from there. Believe me, I’ll definitely be blogging just to get the frustration out.

And I’m still sad that I won’t be finishing my degree until December. The class I need won’t be offered this summer so have to wait until Fall. The OT is the only bright spot…and the few co-workers left in my department who are also my friends.