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Go Into The [Blu] Light

From Dark Horizons:

Two major film rental services have decided to go Blu-ray exclusive today, signaling another painful blow to the HD-DVD camp.

Online rentailer Netflix has announced it will drop support of the HD DVD format, and will exclusively stock Blu-ray discs. Netflix said that it would cease purchasing new HD DVD stock immediately, and that it would phase out existing HD DVD stock by year’s end.

Also today Best Buy, the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer says it is endorsing Blu-ray as its preferred high-def format.

Though Best Buy says it will continue to carry an assortment of HD DVD products, beginning in early March it says it will more prominently showcase and recommend Blu-ray hardware and software products.

At least this battle took less time than VHS and Betamax. Hopefully this means Sweeney Todd will be out on Blu-Ray when released, not HD-DVD.