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What A Nice Gift

My friend M. was bored Saturday so she decided to go online and see if her ex and his soon-to-be-wife (the one he was cheating on her with) were registered anywhere. She found them registered at Home Depot and at Target.

And on the Target list she spotted a great gift: a toilet brush!

So what did she do? She ordered that toilet brush for them. And then included a personal note along these lines: “I bought this for you so that every time you use it you’ll remember the shit you put me through.”

She called me a little later saying she wasn’t sure if she should have done that. I laughed about it and told her I wish I had the chance to do that. And the bride is supposed to receive this item today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out if the ex calls her up about it.

Isn’t that a happy Valentine’s Day gift for a cheating ex-husband?

Toilet Candy