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Disappointingly Deflated Dexter

So we tried to watch Dexter last night on CBS. We made it over half way through but finally turned it off.

This show has been sliced and diced by the censors worse than the Ice Truck Killer’s victims. Right off the bat I found the re-dubbing of Sgt. Doakes’ dialog ridiculous. He never said words like “friggin'” and “mother lover”. And I swear they used CGI to change his mouth movements to match. His words don’t fit his nasty disposition anymore.

And then the atmosphere and speed of the program comes to a crashing halt during a commercial break. Dexter’s preparing an abandoned house in preparation for doing in a bad guy and suddenly they go to commercial! I’ll also say they cut out some of the torture, too.

Dexter was written for cable, not for network television. You can’t put it on there and expect it to be the same. I know why it was done: CBS knew it was a hit on ShowTime and thought they could get more viewers out of it, but in the end it just comes out a pale imitation.

If you’ve never seen Dexter I highly recommend renting or buying the series on DVD…the network version will simply leave a bad taste in your mouth.