Thanks For Voting

Yep. To all you Floridians who voted for Amendment 1 I want to give you a great, big “Thanks”. Seems the State is considering raising the tax on gasoline to help defray the loss of revenue. You poor assholes were taken for a ride if you voted for that Amendment, and we all have to suffer. Personally, if you voted for it, you need to form a mob and go after Charlie Crist who convinced you idiots to vote for the stupid thing.

If you don’t live in Florida, Amendment 1 was created to lower a person’s property taxes (not by much, mind you) by cutting funding from other areas in the State. Seems like the State may have found a way to make that money back.

You can read a news article about the tax increase here.

You can find all the data you want on Amendment 1 by entering “Amendment 1 Florida” in your favorite search engine.

So you at the gas pumps…


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  1. The committee is a non-paid, appointed group of people that make recommendations to the legislature and/or constitutional amendments. They make no actual laws, themselves.

    What this recommendation says is that the legislature make mandatory an already optional tax of 11 cents per gallon. Some counties (I’m guessing here…) may already have the tax in place, and this would make no difference to them.

    Question. If we were talking about an already optional tax on the pack of cigarettes, would you be equally as up in arms?

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