Seeing Green…


Had a wonderful night. After leaving class at 7:15 I went down to the theater. Met the hubby and some friends, and joined the sea of other queens and fag hags there to see Wicked. It was really fabulous. In the show the Wizard was played by Lee Wilkoff, the original Seymour Krelborn from Little Shop of Horrors. I recognized the name immediately in the program and when hearing him sing I could just see him feeding a hungry, murderous plant…but he looks a lot different now after 30 years. At intermission I mentioned this to R. who was sitting on my right, and when the Wizard was on for his next scene, R. started laughing because he, too, could now hear Seymour down on the stage.

Saturday we are going to the Cast Member preview of Toy Story Mania at the Studios (Can’t wait!!!), a dinner party that evening, and on Sunday Hubby leaves for an out-of-country business trip of two weeks.

Oh…and I’m having dinner with a special “Spider” on Monday. 😉

Everyone have a great weekend.

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