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* The yellow and purple flowers in the pot are the only ones who survived from last year. Possibly because they are in the shade of the screen during the afternoon. But if you look closely you’ll see something: the yellow flowers have seeded themselves in the mulch and the yard. We really hate to mow them. We’ve never had an annual propagate like this before.

* The large white koi is the one my mom gave to us because hers were getting so big they were running out of room in her pond.

* This is a good picture of Sydney. Being mostly black, she’s tough to photograph. I wish someone made a plug-in to remove “pet-eye”.

* You can see the first waterlily bloom of the season. Small and pink, but we should get some more very soon. The lily pads are quickly covering the surface, too.


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  1. Awwww….the pups look SO cute!

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