Life In The Pond

This weekend the hubby laid down bamboo flooring in the bedroom…just like our forefathers did that first Independence Day oh so many years ago. Since that’s basically a one-man job, I got almost all our LP’s burned to the computer…there’s just a small stack of Christmas ones to go through.

But one item I did do was climb into the pond to do some clean up. At this time of year the lilly pads have gone crazy and covered the surface. To feed the one koi I have I need to rip a few pads off with my hand to create an opening to drop food in. But the nice thing is with all the pads, the food doesn’t float into the skimmer, giving the smaller goldfish plenty of time to eat all they want.

So Sunday I put on my water socks (why are they called socks when they are really shoes?) and climbed into the pond. As I was removing excess lilly pads and other plant parts, I happen to look down and see two tiny fish swimming around the surface which quickly darted for cover under the copious pads. I then see a slightly larger one swimming around the dwarf papyrus, probably because Patches, the koi, is too big to get to that area because the terra cotta pot is just below the surface of the pond.

They are brown and gray…just like the minnows you would see in any lake. Either some minnow eggs were carried to my pond by a bird who left them behind to hatch…or one of my fish has given birth. I am really hoping they survive so the pond gets “restocked” naturally…not me going to WalMart to pick up a few more.

If they weren’t so small I would have tried to get a picture of them. Maybe the hubby can do it with his ‘spensive digital with the zoom lens.

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