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Hello From Sunny Canada

Yes, I’ve been up here since Saturday. Got to go to Canada’s Wonderland and rode rollercoasters all day. But since Monday I’ve been working at the office up here, prepping it for moving on Thursday and Friday to it’s new location.

The condo I’m in needs refurbishing (I’ve been told Canadians can be very ‘frugal’). But it’s close to the offices. I’m getting a bit homesick. I saw a boy with the cutest Lab puppy…and I immidatley starting missing my kids. I’ll be home on Wednesday.

You can see photos of Canada’s Wonderland here:


After this morning I officially have had enough of this rain. I had such hopes last night as I drove home: I actually saw a little bit of blue sky. I was hoping it was telling us that the rain would lessen…but not this morning. After going East underneath us, Fay ran up the coast and now decided to make a left and plow across the upper part of the state. At least it won’t delay my flight to Canada tomorrow. I will be working at our office up in Ontario for a week and a half, repairing and updating all the PC’s there, and then moving them to their new office.

The weather seems pretty mild. I might squeeze a sweatshirt into my suitcase for the evenings which get down in the upper 50’s. But I am really psyched to do some work travel.


I will guess it was “Me”, in the Family Room, with the vacuum cleaner.



It happened Friday night as I was cleaning. It was on a small end table and the vacuum cleaner cord was stuck on something. I moved it under the table and the cord free itself at the same time so it jumped forward, hitting the table hard enough to send the figurine over. Hubby was pissed. I was pissed and upset. It seemed to fall off in slow motion onto the tile floor.

At least I was able to purchase a replacement.


I’m trying out the new WordPress feature that allows me to link to MP3’s.

Warning: If you listen you will probably be offended. You have been warned.

NOTE: This is a large MP3 file. Once my web site reaches it’s bandwidth I’ll take this down. But look for smaller bits in the future.

I See My Death Coming…

I never knew a desert could be so decadent and addicting! The Hubby makes these occasionally and we pig out on them. They are really good right out of the oven, all hot and melty! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I could almost die happy.




I have some new children in the backyard. They are in my pond. I think they are from “Jay-Jay”. She’s our all-black goldfish. She is the newest addition (aside from our one koi) but has been in there for over a year. Guess it took her time to warm up to the other “men”.

So far I’ve seen three and they are all black so they aren’t easy to locate, but they are growing quickly. I can now hear the pitter-patter of little fins around the pond. 😉

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I Love Shopping

I Love Shopping